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 In order to add value to the artworks and make them more attractive for acquisitions, the staff of « Galerie Natalie Boldyreff » offers you the following services.

  Organization of the personal exhibition-sales: Since 1987, thanks to our skills and experiences, we carry out the opening exhibitions as promotions for the painters’ artworks.

  Organization of joint exhibition-sales: We realize joint exhibitions for painters, sculptors, and photographers that all work in the same theme, which can be not only a similar subject, but also a same technique or belonging to a same school or particular esthetic thinking.

  Organization of a private party: We propose to organize private parties presenting one or more painters around a cocktail in the gallery.

  Organization of an auction: We organize auctions with an auctioneer everywhere in France to make the artistes of the gallery better known; we also envision auctions in our gallery.

  Restoration of artworks: Our gallery proposes restoration services for all type of paintings including the icon restoration.

  Online sales: A beautiful selection of artworks is presented in our virtual gallery; you can buy directly online, without having to come to the gallery.

  Rent of the artworks: Our gallery leases certain number of artworks and sculptures as for professional needs so for artistic communications.

  Estimation and expertise of the artworks: Natalie Boldyreff, an expert in Art, makes an estimation and expertise of your artworks.

  Drawing classes for children: The drawing classes are organized in the gallery in order to educate youngsters in art, allowing them to develop their vision in Art in this extraordinary place of the accomplished artists.

  Consulting in organization of art events outside the gallery: Our staff offers you consulting in design and organization of artistic events like choice of artworks, design of place, advices in marketing or communication.

  Consulting in design of apartments and offices: It’s not easy to find harmony between an Artwork and your apartment or office design, we can consult you in the interior decoration.

  Artworks framing: We offer various quality frames, chosen with particular care.

  Delivery of artworks by post or other services can be carried out all around the world.

For further information on any of our services, don’t hesitate to contact us by mail or phone, or visit us during our opening hours.

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